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Summer Beach Cleanup!

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PROTEUS™ x VIONIC Beach Cleanup | Santa Monica, California
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The VIONIC PROTEUS™ partnership is built around a shared mission to connect people to stories and experiences that inspire change and action. Together we are committed to fostering global awareness for the ocean and climate change through education that will empower local communities.


We believe Ocean Wellness is Human Wellness and creating a more sustainable future starts on the local level, our beach cleanup efforts are crucial first steps in creating a better future for the Earth.

Vionic Proteus Shoes
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S E A   C H A N G E

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Doing good together!

Together we held our first beach cleanup event with Fabien Cousteau and Juliet Kaska in attendance as part of a series of beach cleanups events and consumer education campaigns. This inaugural event celebrated the launch of the exclusive VIONIC x PROTEUS™ capsule collection of sustainable footwear, featuring hand-drawn prints inspired by the waters off of Curaçao wherePROTEUS™ will be located.

Beach Clean Up Event Vionic PROTEUS
PROTEUS Vionic Clean Up Beach Trash

The beach cleanup in Santa Monica was an excellent kick-off to our ongoing beach cleanup series with Vionic. Not only did we collect over 500 pounds of garbage on the beach, we also created a space for the community to connect over a shared passion: ocean conservation. Our goal is to continue creating awareness and driving action at the local level, therefore taking essential steps in addressing climate change...

— Fabien Cousteau

Founder of PROTEUS™


Turning passion into action through:

Consumer education on how to make eco-conscious choices


Hands-on opportunities such as beach cleanups


Product collaborations that support the shift toward more sustainable fashion 

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Fabric made with recycled plastic bottles that were littering the ocean - featuring (


No animals were harmed in the making of these shoes

Green Innovation

Outsole made with an 80% rubber / 20% soybean-based compound

Behind our styles plastic recycle

Want to collaborate with PROTEUS™

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