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With wellness for people and the planet being central to its core values, we are thrilled to announce Vionic as our Founding Sponsor of PROTEUS™. Together we will take steps in finding innovative solutions to preserve and heal the ocean, partnering to educate and raise awareness for the Ocean and climate change.


As part of our partnership, PROTEUS™ and Vionic are launching co-branded beach clean-up initiatives and a consumer education campaign with the exclusive launch of a ‘sea-inspired’ capsule collection of Vionic’s eco-conscious beach sneakers. 

Our evolution as technology and innovation leaders means committing to reducing the footwear industry’s carbon footprint. Contributing to the health of the planet includes teaming with like-minded and action-oriented organizations.


Founding Sponsor


Ocean wellness is human wellness. We are excited to contribute to and collaborate with an organization at the height of innovation, saving and protecting our oceans and planet in a big way, as both a brand and as passionate individual supporters.

— Chris Gallagher

Co-Founder of Vionic

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Turning passion into action through:

Consumer education on how to make eco-conscious choices


Hands-on opportunities such as beach cleanups


Product collaborations that support the shift toward more sustainable fashion 

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Fabric made with recycled plastic bottles that were littering the ocean - featuring (


No animals were harmed in the making of these shoes

Green Innovation

Outsole made with an 80% rubber / 20% soybean-based compound

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S E A   C H A N G E

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