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What we call ‘planet Earth’ is in fact ‘planet Ocean’. More than seven-tenths of the earth’s surface is covered in water. The oceans regulate the climate, house 99% of the biosphere, control the weather and provide oxygen for every other breath we take. Life exists above the blue surface because of the life beneath it.  We have a vital need to monitor the effects of Ocean Warming, Coral Bleaching, migration movements of fisheries, and other components driven by scientific discoveries to be accelerated by PROTEUS™.
Dive into the project’s journey from conception during Mission31 where the proof of concept for PROTEUS™ was established… to today’s marquee initiatives that are creating the path to the world’s first International Space Station of the Ocean.


Protecting the Ocean: Fabien Cousteau on Leaders With Lacqua Goes Green


Beach Cleanup recap in Santa Monica, California

Site Mapping in Curaçao

The team explores Curaçao and maps the sea floor with Map the Gaps & 


Why An Undersea Space Station Is Long Overdue

Real Leaders

Fabien joins the Real Leaders Podcast to share details on PROTEUS™

Behind The News

Fabien Cousteau's Underwater Research Lab

Mission 31

Mission 31 kicks off with the Aquanaut candidates extreme training and testing...

Mission 31

Cousteau splashes up!


Emeritus Professor Chou Loke Ming, Fabien Cousteau on oceans and climate change

Human Ocean Connection Series

Green Phenix Curaçao

Matter of Fact

Fabien talks with Soledad O'Brien


Aquanaut Fabien Cousteau's $135 Million ISS Of The Deep Sea

The Weather Channel

Fabien on The Weather Channel talking about the future of PROTEUS™


Fabien Cousteau: What I learned from spending 31 days underwater

Mission 31

Ian Somerhalder & Greg Stone visit Aquarius

Mission 31

Aquanauts Grace Young and Liz Magee capture epic shots during Mission 31.

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